Kinesiotaping/Postural Analysis

KinesioTM taping has seen to have a wide variety of therapeutic benefits for
musculoskeletal and inflammatory conditions for over 40 years. The beneficial effects of
kinesiology tape has been directly related to its physical interaction with skin and bio- feedback. KinesioTM tape is made of 100% high grade cotton, medical grade acrylic
adhesive and because of these unique properties of the tape combined with taping
techniques allow the body to help aid in:
- pain reduction
- gaining strength and muscle tone in weak or injured muscles
- support and stabilization of joints and muscles
- gentle and effective approach to re-educate the neuromuscular system
- preventative maintenance/ injury
- acceleration of removal of waste products in overused, spastic and cramped
- posture correction
- increased sport performance
- fluid reduction(lymphatic drainage)
The tape can be left on for up to 5 days with continued benefits, so anyone from
children to the elderly without binding, constricting or restriction of movement.
List of conditions KinesioTM taping may help treat:
Joint Pain
Arthritis, bursitis, degenerative joints, poorly aligned joints, joint instability
Muscle Pain
1st-3rd grade toorn muscles, pulled/strained muscles, tight muscles, fibromyalgia,
muscle spasms, muscle cramps, calf strain, pulled hamstring, groin strain, strained
gluteals, abdominal strain, poor posture, round shoulders, scapular instability, muscle
weakness, muscle imbalance, poor muscle tone, hypotonia, contusions
Soft Tissue Injuries
Tendinitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis),
patellar tendinitis, Achilles tendonitis, whiplash, back strain, neck strain, rotator cuff
injuries, iliotibial band syndrome (ITB) Carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress
syndrome, shin splints,
Joint Injuries
Joint sprains, dislocated joints, sprained ankle, sprained knee, sprained wrist, sprained
elbow, degenerated meniscus, torn cartilage, unstable joints, joint hypermobility, Plantar
fasciitis, fallen arches
Lymphodema, swollen joints, edema, lymphatic congestion, athletic injury surgery,
reconstructive surgery, joint replacement surgery, meniscus repair, ligament surgery,
tendon surgery, lymph node removal