Increase Your Mind Power!
BRAINTAP is a powerfully effective mind development tool designed to help you overcome the ill effects of the fight-or-flight response while achieving physical, mental and emotional balance.
This extensively researched light & sound technology creates a perfect symmetry of sound frequencies and light synchronization for the ultimate in binaural brainwave entrainment and relaxation.
The combination helps guide you to a perfect balance of left/right brain synchronization and relaxed brainwave activity. In other words, the MindFit produces the relaxation response, giving your body precisely what it needs to get back in balance and reverse the effect of stress on the body.
 Super Charging your Brain Has Never Been Easier. Enter the BRAINTAP Neurotrainer


Our BRAINTAP technology combines gentle pulses of light and sound with visualization and soothing music to return you to the right balance of brain wave activity.

A simple 20 minute session produces the relaxation response, a state known for reversing the ravages of stress, reducing or eliminating worry and anxiety and providing the same benefits as 3-4 hours of sleep (imagine getting a 4 hour nap in 20 minutes).

The BRAINTAP Neurotrainer lets you relax and listen to empowering mind messaging audio sessions that are strategically encoded with Neuro-Sensory Algorithms.

This stimulates healthy brain chemistry, boosts energy and immune system, slows ageing, promotes weight loss, instills positive new behaviors and can dramatically improve your quality of life.

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The BRAINTAP Neurotrainer works by combining 4 powerful mind technologies:

  1. Light Frequencies: light pulses stimulate the optic nerve and train the brain to produce a healthy balance of brain wave activity, transforming the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about any goal.
  2. Binaural Beats and Tones: imbedded tones guide the brain to an extraordinary level of focus and performance that would otherwise take you years of practice.
  3. Mind Music: the music is designed to create a full 360 degree experience that floods the mind with calming thoughts and images.
  4. Strategic Mind Messaging: guided visualization audio-sessions to help you become the designer of your own life. With over 500 titles to choose from you will be able to enhance every aspect of your life.


Our most successful programs:

  • Smoking Cessation Series: To successfully stop smoking you must see yourself as a nonsmoker.  Once this is done you will no longer desire cigarettes. BRAINTAP helps you focus on thinking and feeling like a non smoker, so you can be tobacco free for life.
  • Insomnia Series: The BRAINTAP'S light & tone pulses gently guide your brain back into natural sleep cycles so you fall asleep naturally, stay asleep and awaken refreshed and ready for your day
  • Weight Loss Series: the relaxation produced by the BRAINTAP naturally reduces the stress hormones that cause cravings and weight gain. Strategic mind messaging sessions effects the #1 factor when it comes to weight loss programs – control. Develop the mindset of natural weight loss and maintenance – for life.
  • Stress Reduction Series: The key to being stress-free is hidden in the psychology of naturally resilient people. The BRAINTAP Algorithms teach your brain to relax and reshapes your mindset to take control of your stress and life.
  • your day.
  • Life Mastery Series: If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right (Henry Ford). Rid rid of those self limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Reshape your belief system to boost your confidence, motivation and determination to become a personal success magnet.
  • And many more including Pain-Free Lifestyle, Accelerated Learning, Sport Zone, Golf Coaching, Sales Mastery Enlightened Children and Stress Free Childbirth to name a few.

Much of today’s leading research in health is now pointing to the brain as the single biggest factor in how healthy you can be. The BRAINTAP Neurotrainer is among the most cutting edge technology that will entrain your brain to be healthier. Many people spend thousands of dollars enhancing their bodies; yet do nothing to optimize their brain or improve the quality of their thoughts. The truth is, we can accomplish far more by managing brain activity.

Want more focus and creativity? Clearer thinking and better concentration? Have your energy levels soar? Keep your brain young and vibrant?

The BRAINTAP technology, used in combination with the specially encoded (SMT) sessions, provides a variety of benefits such as:
• Access a deeper meditative state without years of disciplined practice
• Increase mental clarity of thought and develop your intuition
• Enhance sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized
• Reduce your stress, worry, frustration and irritability while achieving emotional stability, mental harmony and balance
• Attain the right mindset to achieve your life goals
• Overcome bad habits, fears, and phobias
• Significantly decrease negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses
• Explore and expand your self awareness and higher states of consciousness
• Attract and learn how to manifest your desires
• Enhance concentration, memory and recall