Groundbreaking Study Reveals Best Sexual Positions to Prevent Back Pain

For the first time a scientific study conducted in at the University of Waterloo has been able to show the best sexual positions to save your back during sex. Before this groundbreaking study, literature and articles about the best sexual positions for back pain was simply based on theory and opinion. Dr. Stuart McGill and his team of researchers were able to accurately measure and document the amount of tissue load, strain and stress on the joints and muscles during sexual activity.
A common occurence that many chiropractors, physiotherapists and physicians face is patients coming in complaining of some form of musculoskeletal pain either as a result of or preventing sex. In fact, recent studies have shown that couples will even refrain from sex due to the lasting pain suffered as a result. For the first time, a healthcare practitioners have guidelines that are based on hard science that they can recommend to their patients to help improve this aspect of their life.
Dr. Stuart McGill is a world renowned expert, author and researcher on spine biomechanics, function and pain. He has authored several textbooks and much of his research is at the forefront of healthcare (his concepts took up a huge component of my curriculum in chiropractor school). I'll write about this topic on a later date but until then enjoy this short video below.
If you are one of the many people suffering from issues like these, don't wait. The research now allows us to have a huge impact never before seen. If you want to be having more painfree sex, book your FREE consultation today and get yourself back on track.