Hug for Your Health, Love for Your Health

In Brain Health, General Health, Motivation and Success by Dr Joy/March 5, 2015/Leave a Comment/
I guess you could argue that this isn't really a health or wellness topic or post. I beg to differ. I can promise you that if we spent more time loving and less time being caught up in all the other crazy things in this world (stress, hate, rascism, war, etc) we would all be much healthier.
When you love, chemicals are released into your body that promote healthier physiological states. Chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and endorphins trigger more neurochemical cascades that act to decrease stress (sympathetic) responses in your body and more importantly in your brain.
The message is simple and clear. Love more. Hate less. Hug more. Judge less. Your health will sky rocket. This video is powerful and a much needed reminder of what we need more of in this world. It literally brought a tear to my eye.