Custom Foot Orthotics are inserts, custom to your feet, that are placed in your footwear designed to correct and improve your structure and overall mechanical function. 

Orthotics act in 2 main ways:

1) Structurally support your feet and ankle to relieve pain, stress and strain from your muscles and joints.

2) Increase the amount of neural input into you feet to help you increase your balance, strength and coordination.
Physical Signs/Symptoms you May Need Orthotics:

• pain in heel/foot/ankles

• pain in low back or hips

• pain in knees

• collapsed arches

• ankles are collapsing in or out

• uneven wear patterns between shoes

• difference in leg lengths

• weakness in lower limb muscles

• feeling off balanced or falling/tripping often

• walking pigeon toed

What conditions do orthotics help with?

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Achilles Tendonitis

• Mortons Neuroma

• Patellofemoral Syndrome

• SI (sacro illiac) Joint Dysfunction

• Mechanical Low Back Pain

• Bunions

• Heel Spurs

• Metatarsalgia

Yorkdale Wellness utilizes Gait Scan Technology to assess the foot in dynamic motion. By taking measurements based upon how your foot moves, not just in a stationary position, the orthotic is built to best suit your foot in all your day to day activities and situations.

Call or email to day to book your FREE GAITSCAN ASSESSMENT and find out if orthotics will help you.