Dr. Joy Arciaga BSc, DC


I help people for a living and I love what I do. The best part of my day is knowing I've changed someones life. If I can do that for even just one person, my day is a success. I want to help as many people in my community as I can. I hope to change the way people think about their health - that being healthy is the norm, not the outlier.



  1. Assess/treat the cause of dysfunction (not pain) restoring the ideal NEUROLOGY of the brain and body.
  2. Your BRAIN controls everything in the body  & stress is by far the most dangerous factor regarding health.
  3. My goal is to improve your brain function and enhance it's ability to adapt, respond and recover from stress.

Techniques: No one approach is right for every individual, and so I do whatever works. Adjustments, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, stretching, rehabilitation & strengthening exercises, Thompson Technique, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, BrainTap, myofascial release, shockwave and pretty much whatever works. I enjoy treating whole families and since recently becoming a father, have taken a keen interest in treating women throughout their pregnancy to ensure a healthy mom and baby. I am certified in Webster Technique, a technique system specific for assessing and treating pregnant women.

Education: University of Alberta - Neuroscience Specialization, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

When I'm not in the clinic (which is never): I'm lifting weights, boxing, reading a book at a coffee shop or looking after my son. I love personal development , training, UFC, NBA and NFL Fantasy Football.

Facts about yours truly: I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm a chocolate and sushi addict. One day I would like to own a donut shop. 

Live with purpose & success is a learned habit.